32. Dostal-Singing-Competition not before 2022!

Dear young singers!
Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic still has us firmly in its grip.
For organisational reasons alone, we must insist on a proven vaccination as a prerequisite for eligibility.
This will then also allow entry from abroad and accommodation in hotels, as well as participation in a comprehension rehearsal, the pre-selection and the final.
If the music teaching institutions in Austria and especially in Germany can hopefully resume full operation on 1 of October, it does not make sense to start with the usual advertising measures (posters, folders in hard copy, e-mails to all vocal-students) from mid of Mayon. Apart from the uncertain vaccination situation, this would not leave applicants enough time for musical preparation and travel arrangements, especially from abroad.
After consultation with jurors, we have now agreed to contemplate

3 days in the winter semester break 2022, from 11 to 13 March 2022.

However, coordination with the municipality of Korneuburg and the sponsors is still necessary, which we will only be able to start as soon as this timeframe seems possible with the utmost certainty.
We ask you for a little more patience, we will come back as soon as possible on this site!


Prof. Ernst Lintner
Vienna, 16, April 2021