Bewerb 2012: Ariane Liebau (1. Preis), Christiane Marie Riedl (2. Preis), Elisabeth Pratscher (3. Preis)
Siegerin 2015: Tamara Ivanis, Fr. Wörndl-Dostal
Sieger/innen 2016: Daniel Foki, Jenifer Lary, Andrea Purtić
Bewerb 2018: Prof. Fussi; Lalith Worathepnitinan (2. Preis), Louise Letherme (1. Preis), Mornio Misaki (3. Preis), Amelie Hois (Sonderpreis)
Finalisten/innen und Jury 2018
Jury Bewerb 2016
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It is rare that singing competitions are held so often and so many years!

This has only been possible because since 1976 the Dostal-family, the birthplace of Nico Dostal-the city of Korneuburg near Vienna, as well as the market communities of Bisamberg and Langenzersdorf, have spent a lot of money and effort to give young singers the opportunity to To present wonderful Dostal music to an international jury with prospects for engagements.
Karl Stadler was instrumental in the formation of the competition, he led it 23 years and died in 2010.
Since 1976 the competition has taken place in Bisamberg, Langenzersdorf and in Korneuburg near Vienna (Austria).

Since 2011, the competition (with interruptions 2014, 2017 und 2019), under the direction of
Prof. Ernst Linter, is performed in Korneuburg only

Historischen Sitzungssaal der Stadtgemeinde Korneuburg (Rathaus) Hauptplatz 39
2100 Korneuburg


To our deep regret, we are obliged -in agreement with the municipality of Korneuburg, Mrs. Wörndl Dostal and Jurors-, 
to cancel the 32nd Dostal Singing Competition
on the appointed dates of 6, 7 and 8 November 2020 because of international and Austrian implemented measures against coronavirus.

The reasons for this are multifarious:

Since the music-universities in Austria and especially in Germany remain closed in full operation at least until end of June, we could not start the usual advertising activities (posters, folders in hardcopy, mails to all singing students) from mid-May on in time.
Also therefore the information on this homepage, apart from the web-presence, could not be disseminated accurately.
This matter of facts would not leave the candidates enough time for musical preparation and travel arrangements, especially from abroad at the beginning of November (Hotel, transport, etc.).
From the beginning of the winter semester of October 1, 2020 on, there would not be enough time for advertising activities and its effect would be subject to great uncertainties.
Apart from that, we cannot seriously estimate the budgetary situation concerning the costs of the implementation and the prize money of the competition for now.

If the 32nd Dostal Singing Competition can be hold in Korneuburg in November 2021, as all involved parties would welcome, will only be possible to estimate and evaluate seriously in the first quarter of 2021.

We ask for your understanding as well as patience, thank you very much!

Vienna, June 2nd, 2020

Participation in the 32nd Dostal Singing Competition will only be possible with a confirmed
vaccination against the Corona virus!

Therefore, from today’s point of view, we do not see ourselves in the position to organize a competition still at the beginning of November 2021!

See therefore: 32. Dostal singing competition in 2022 only !!

We ask for your understanding and patience, thank you!

Vienna, April 16th, 2021

Prof. Ernst Lintner

Location map – Assembly Hall and Railway station Korneuburg

Accommodation and hotels