Quasi as a mutual Christmas present we have agreed on 21.12.2021 with the municipality of Korneuburg to organize the competition as in the past in the Historic Meeting Hall of the City

29. and 30. October 2022 in Historic Meeting Hall in Korneuburg
(on 28. October: coordination with the piano accompaniment in Vienna)
Prize Winner Concert , Sunday, 29.01.2023, 4:00 a.m. 
in Historic Meeting Hall as well!

We can only hope that, due to the Corona situation at that time, no departure, entry or other access restrictions will be in force that would make it impossible to hold the competition.

From today’s point of view we can only accept the participation of 3 G (recovered, vaccinated, boostered) singers (proof required!), with their consent to possibly necessary PCR tests for access to the rehearsal rooms in Vienna and the Historical Meeting Hall in Korneuburg.

Since the competition cannot be held without a Lower Austrian financial support we have to submit this support in March and wait for the permission. In a positive case, we can publish then all current conditions of participation on this page at end of May/beginning of June 2022, before the end of the summer semester in the Music Teaching Institutes.
This will ensure that the singers have enough time to prepare 2 solo pieces by Nico Dostal and two additional opera or operetta-songs by other composers of their own choice ( one for preliminary round and one for the final). The Dostal scores will be made available for download after registration.

Age Limit for participation, is: born on or after January 1, 1990.

We ask for your understanding, please write us: Impressum, if you have questions or interest in a participation!

Vienna, March 2022

Prof. Ernst Lintner