Singing Studio of Prof. Ernst Lintner

Peking 2013: Studenten/innen des Lehrgangs
Peking 2013: Studenten/innen und Professoren
Peking 2013, mit einigen meiner Studenten/innen
Peking 2013: Demo Videos für die Studenten/innen
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Singing Lessons – Singing-Coaching – in Vienna

The Vocal Studio of the Neues Künstlerforum was founded by Prof. Ernst Lintner in 2009 with the intention of passing on his own experiences from stage practice in vocal technique and interpretation to students in the field of Lied, Opera and Operetta in a way they can understand.

Students or singers who are already in professional life are not required to do anything that the teacher who has stage experience with leading roles cannot sing by himself and show as example.

Apart from professional experience, it is above all activities as a juror at singing competitions that have proven that more than 60% of the singers cannot breathe properly – and especially not deeply enough – and that they are not familiar or hardly aware of the connections between the functions of the diaphragm and the vocal organs.

This essential shortcoming often hinders a career and should be recognized and eliminated as early as possible in the course of studies.

A diploma from an educational institution is a basis for a career as a music teacher, but it is no guarantee for a career as a singer, because it says little about the effect of the artist on the audience.

We analyse young singers according to their vocal possibilities, their artistic expression and their public appeal, which are the basis for a career,
offer effective coaching and advice in the selection of pieces

interpretation for auditions and competitions, please contact us! 

Please download our brochure:
Professional singing as pdf or read the text only!

Examples of professional singing:

  • On December 8, 2013, a gala concert was held at the Theater in Rüsselsheim to celebrate the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner, in which Ernst Lintner also took part, read the critics and hear his Prayer of the Rienzi.
  • Ernst Lintner was invited to give a master class in vocal technique, interpretation of song and opera in Beijing from July 13th to August 2nd, 2013:

The ChaohaoJian Vocal Music Center Beijing – Prof. Ernst Lintner

The Youtube channel of Ernst Lintner