Terms of participation 2022

This english text is an excerpt of the original terms and conditions in german language.
In case of doubt or dispute  the full length german version of the terms and conditions will be valid only!


  • Singers from all countries of the world, born from January 1st, 1990 on, who fulfil the requirements for partizipation are admitted (Covid Pandemy)
  • Repeated participation within the age limits is possible.

Please note:
Since the preliminary round can only be held on Saturday, October 29, 2022, we are forced

  • to limit in competition 2022 the number of participants to approximately  50 again (like 2018), and
  • to recommend settlement of your registration as soon as it is possible for you and not to wait until the registration deadline (October 21, 2022, 24:00 hrs).
  • In case that we cannot accept your registration because of exceeding of the limit of about 50 participants, registration/protection fee will be refunded.
  • All singers are required to prepare two arias/songs by Nico Dostal (see mandatory arias and songs*) as well as two other operetta lieder or arias by other operetta composers of their own choosing.
    (Olympia’s Aria “Les oiseaux dans la charmille” by Jacques Offenbach and the arias of Conigonde from Leonard Bernstein’s Operetta “Candide” and  those of the “Old Lady”: “I Am Easily Assimilated“ are permitted).
    • Choices must be fixed in detail on Oct. 23, 2020, 12:00 p.m. at the latest, otherwise registration is considered as incomplete!
    • All arias and songs by Nico Dostal must be performed from memory in original German language and in original key given in Dostal’s and other scores*).
    • By reasons of organistion Singers can bring along their own répétiteur exceptionally only!
    • Singers have to participate in the adjusting rehearsal the day before the Preliminaries,  i. e. November 6, 2020
      at Haus Hofmannsthal,
      1030 Wien, Reisnerstrasse 37
      The sequence of the artists performances are decided by raffle the day before the Preliminaries and the Finals respectively.
  • In the Preliminary round, each singer will sing one piece by Nico Dostal and a further piece by another composer of their choice from the four cobligatory arias or songs mentioned in the application.
  • If a singer reaches the final round, the other two songs/arias prepared for the final round must be performed.
  • Travelling expenses and stay costs: are covered by each singer himself.
  • Video, audio and still photo recordings will be taken during the whole competition for archive and documentation purposes (e.g. for online publishing, CDs, DVDs or on printed material by Neues Künstlerforum).
    – Singers agree to the publication of such material without financial or legal claims. 
    – Furthermore the singers agree to refrain from asserting any legal claims in relation to radio and television recordings taken during the competition.
  • Each singer agrees, that his/her personal data will be collected and printed in a Handbook for the Jury-members.
    This Handbook should enable Jury-members to contact and promote Singers in their professional advancement after the competition.
  • The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be contested, legal recourse is excluded.
  • Each Singer confirms by submitting his canditature explicitly, that she/he has read and understood these conditions and that she/agrees  to it.

    Mag. Tobias Cambensy 

*) Clarification:
The songs of other operetta composers must be sung of course also in the original key and in the voice range prescribed by the composer.

Subject to change without notice!

Vienna, March, 17, 2022